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LXIX  digital   neon   fashion   minimalism


LXIX  digital   neon   fashion   minimalism

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by Nikolaj Møller

by Nikolaj Møller

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Jesse Kanda x FKA Twigs’ LP1


Siamese Fighting fish by 

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson attends Marvel’s Hall H Press Line for “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” during Comic-Con International 2014

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GATHERERS, another new one for SooJin Buzelli at PlanSponsor. This is for an article about how healthcare and retirement planning can work in unison.

I liked all my sketches for this, though, as usual, only one of them actually works for the prompt. It usually takes me a bit to really suss out the core of the article. There’s a balance that the working sketch strikes that none of the others do.

When these projects pop up, and I can more or less draw anything, as long as it relates back to the topic, I almost always try to exhaust whatever current topic my mind is focused on, before trying different subject matter. Last time it was knights, this time it was strange animals. 

I usually get a lot of color advice from Kali, but she had a bigger hand in this one than usual. Pretty much steered the whole ship for a little while.

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Details of the LP1 artwork by FKA Twigs

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Ronyca - Williamsburg, NY.

by Emmanuel Afolabi

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